Super Simple Load Test From VSO


Brian Harry post about this new experience a few weeks ago so in case you haven’t heard about it here a glimpse.

First if you don’t have VSO (Visual Studio Online) account it’s free and simple right here –
For more information on VSO check out my presentation on VSO –

Microsoft calling it “Load Test” but I think the proper term is High Scale Availability Check, because you can only test one Url,  and you can’t add validations to the load so where there is not validations there is no Test.

As the post title implies it’s Super Simple Load Test, so once you open you’re VSO account click on the Load Test menu, and the desire Http/s Url choose the Test Settings (User Load, Duration, Think Time and browser mix) and just click Test Now.


The result is simple and easy to read, getting the total requests and in case of any exceptions you’ll be able to see them at the bottom of the report.


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