Windows App Cert Kit Failed – The bytecode generation test detected the following errors


In the past couple of weeks I’ve worked on Cordova (PhoneGap) application for Windows 8, just before we intent to publish it to the store I’ve encountered a problem – “bytecode generation test detected“.


To give your app the best chance of getting certified you should run the some tests, beside checking for bugs and making sure your application works as expected you should use the App Cert Kit – Windows 8 apps must use the new Windows App Certification Kit to become certified and eligible for sale in the Windows Store

Windows 8 App Cert Kit

The Windows App Certification Kit (ACK) is used to validate compliance with certification requirements, and replaces the Windows Software Logo Kit (WSLK) used for validation in the Windows 7 Software Logo program. Desktop, desktop device, and Windows Store apps can be certified; however, plug-in, ActiveX, and other web apps cannot be certified. The Windows ACK is included in the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Windows SDK for Windows Store apps.

Looking at the How to fix section didn’t help me to understand the problem, but after couple of minutes exploring this I found out that the main reason for those errors is not JavaScript Syntax Errors but Encoding. The reason I know this is not a JavaScript Syntax problem is because some CSS files was also in that list and of course Visual Studio didn’t said anything about Syntax Errors.

So just open the files maintained in the error report using notepad (or other editor support Save + Encoding)

Click on Save As and make sure to select “UTF-8” in the encoding box.

Once you finished going over all the problematic files rerun the App Cert Kit and those errors should disappear.



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