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While working on Windows Store app for a customer he asked me – how I can promote my app on that company web site, I said this is very simple all you need to do is adding a Windows Store protocol link and once the user will click on that link (Only if his using Windows 8), the app page will appear in Windows Store app.

Windows Store protocol link

So, how do I add a link to my Windows Store app?

src or href => ms-windows-store following by the Package Family Name

  • PDP – Open an app listing page.
  • Search – Open the Store’s updates page.
  • Updates – Execute a search query and display the results.


Open Angry Birds ms-windows-store:PDP?PFN=1ED5AEA5.AngryBirdsSpace_p2gbknwb5d8r2
Search "Action" query ms-windows-store:Search?Query=Action
Updates ms-windows-store:Updates

Connect your website to your Windows Store app (Windows)

Another option to promote your Windows Store app from Web Sites is adding specific meta data elements under the head section. – this option will only work on IE 10 Metro app, and not desktop.

Add these two lines of metadata inside the <head> of your html page to make Internet Explorer 10 aware of your app.

Angry Birds Space

Screen shot 1

<meta name="msApplication-ID" content="8ece2571-91e0-4f2f-b7e5-b0b7944ced2d" />

<meta name="msApplication-PackageFamilyName" content="1ED5AEA5.AngryBirdsSpace_p2gbknwb5d8r2" />

An example of the appearance of a site icon when the site has an associated app

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