Quality Center Migration To TFS 2012 RC


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  1. Ankur Saini25/07/2012 ב 16:58

    Quality Center Migration To TFS 2010 is feasible or not?

    If yes…how can we achieve that?

  2. shair25/07/2012 ב 18:16

    Hi Ankur,

    Yes it does, you can download the trial version from here: http://www.selagroup.com/Download


  3. Ankur Saini26/07/2012 ב 14:29

    Hi Shair,

    Thanks for the reply. The tool seems good to me. But we can’t use trail version as per company policy. Also, I am not sure whether client will be agree to purchase a migration tool.

    Would you please suggest if there is any other option(open source)available for the same task.

  4. shair26/07/2012 ב 15:20


    Please contact me (http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/shair/contact.aspx) and I’ll assist you with other options.