Windows 8 – DEP0600 : The following unexpected error occurred during deployment


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  1. dhineshbabu05/04/2012 ב 01:17

    thanks a lot

  2. Jim Blizzard10/04/2012 ב 06:56

    Excellent! This one had me stumped. Thanks for the easy solution. (Although, I wasn’t able to find GUIDGEN in the folder you referenced. I opened a developer command prompt and GUIDGEN was in the folders of the environment path.)

  3. tec-goblin10/04/2012 ב 12:17

    Thanks indeed!

  4. RetryAgain13/04/2012 ב 18:26

    Thank you for this solution

    I found it at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\Tools

  5. Maurice Butler20/04/2012 ב 10:24

    Thanks. Very helpful fixing a very strange error message.

  6. marcela22/04/2012 ב 00:30

    thanks it was very helpful!

  7. viraljain23/04/2012 ב 17:52

    Thanks. It indeed is in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\Tools”

    But it works!!!

    Any explanation for the error?

  8. Jonas26/04/2012 ב 14:56

    Thank you for the tip!

    On VS2011 it can be found “Under Tools > Create GUID”

  9. brentAtBranium30/04/2012 ב 20:36

    If you don’t have the GUID tool,

  10. shur07/05/2012 ב 20:41

    I have the same error. I fix this by only change PackageName in Package.appxmanifest -> Packaging. You do not need new GIUD.

  11. Zeke11/05/2012 ב 02:03

    Thanks, this worked a treat.

  12. DanT19/05/2012 ב 20:28

    Add my heart felt thanks to the pile.

  13. TBD26/05/2012 ב 21:24

    You rock! Thanks!!

  14. eladkatz17/06/2012 ב 18:25

    helped me as well 🙂