The Git Hole


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  1. kbio7925/01/2012 ב 10:33

    I really love the term Hate Microsoft Syndrome. I wrote it in my twitteer profile account. I hope it wasn’t copyrighted 🙂

  2. Jason Stangroome25/01/2012 ב 12:08

    Hi Shai,

    I’d love to know the source of this statement:
    “By the way – Visual Studio 11 will have distributed version control”

    From my understanding VS/TFS11 will have significant improvements to working with source control whilst offline but it still won’t have the commit-locally, push-later capability of a DVCS.



  3. Assaf Stone25/01/2012 ב 12:40

    Great Post!

    I’ve come across git-holes many times myself, though they might sometimes be clear-case-holes, or eclipse-holes, or even something like waterfall-holes.

    The trick I guess is to acknowledge that their preferred tool is probably a great tool, and that the one I’m deploying (TFS usually) is highly extensible, so I ask what feature(s) he’s missing, and see if I can find how to do it in my tool, or suggest a customization.


  4. Yuval25/01/2012 ב 13:31


    Insightful and spot-on as usual! Of course, we have -holes everywhere we go, without fail.

    Oh well, that’s the consultant life I guess!


  5. PHenry25/01/2012 ב 23:18

    re HMS
    HAHAHAHAHAH I LOVE that TLA (three letter acronym)! Too funny! I worked for two places that swore by HMS, unfortunately ONE was a Microsoft partner if you can believe it (the boss was very anti-MS but the pres LOVED MS, weird arrangement).

    Great article!

  6. gordy29/01/2012 ב 07:21

    I really love the whole integrated stack with VS, TFS, Sharepoint, MSSQL, MSSAS and MSSRS.

    If you’re not developing for Windows you can’t really use that stack but you can configure a pretty good setup (with some work) using Maven, Jenkins, JIRA and Confluence and yes Git or SVN or whatever.

    I couldn’t imagine being in a situation where I’m selling an engineer on TFS vs. Git in a Windows project. If you’re developing for Windows use the .Net stack it’s just a no-brainer.