Test Scribe – Developer Guide


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  1. Ryan19/10/2011 ב 03:56

    Great work figuring this out.

  2. Hugo08/02/2012 ב 10:06

    How can show a customized field with SprText()? I’ve a customized field, e.g. named AAA, in the test case. And i add the line into TestCaseSection.tt,”SprText(SprHost.Resources.GetString(“AAA”))”, when i click generate, it shows “Compiling transformation: Argument missing”.

  3. Emil L20/03/2012 ב 11:32

    Is there a easy way to hide or remove fields, for exampel:

    Status: Active | Active dates: 2012-03-20 00:00:00 – 2012-03-27 00:00:00 | Area: EPR_Agile5_2012 | Iteration: EPR_Agile5_2012 | Build: | Build definition: | Build quality:

    Available Configurations (1)
    Config 6: TS1

    Test Settings

    Suite Hierarchy
    Test (8)

    When creating testcases that are going out to cusomer this information is not needed so would know if there is an easy way to change so it is not generated.