How To Change Test Scribe Template


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  1. Paulo04/11/2011 ב 19:38

    Is excelent post, thanks.

  2. Misty08/11/2011 ב 01:04

    I am not a developer but I want to enhance a template. I’ve looked at all the files listed and have a general idea of what needs done, but don’t know how to do it. I’d like to change the template so cases only show in the suite I’ve placed them in. Currently Example: all cases show in the base suite (which is really the plan) and then show in any sub suites in which the case is at the bottom of the hierarchy. What files would be affected and what would I need to change?

  3. Misty08/11/2011 ב 17:29

    I made the exact changes shown above for the Test Plan Section (not the attachments) just as a test. Then re-zipped the file, changed the extension, and copy/pasted over the original. When pasting I get a note about needing to verify I’m an administrator, which I click continue as instructed, and the new file is now pasted. Then I try opening TFS and I receive an error that it cannot open the exe file. If I replace the altered file with the original it works again.
    What am I doing wrong?

  4. Hanshi09/11/2011 ב 09:39

    Is there a way I can run Test Scribe tool from the command line to generate the report?

  5. Julian23/03/2012 ב 16:16

    If an attachment is attached to a single test step the attachment is not reflected in the document

    Did anybody already solve that issue?
    It should be connected to the test step in some way.


  6. shair30/03/2012 ב 08:16


    I’ll look into it, and will upload a new template