How To Change TFS 2010 Attachment Size


Here is a post from 2008 on how to change attachment size in TFS 2008, the same concept is available in 2010 but there is a small confusion about 2010.

Many people had problems changing the attachment size in TFS 2010 using the same web service because the following error: 500 Internal Server Error


There where people who changes the attachment size using code:

TeamFoundationServer tfs = TeamFoundationServerFactory.GetServer(@”yourtfsserver/…/DefaultCollection”);
ITeamFoundationRegistry rw = tfs.GetService<ITeamFoundationRegistry>();
RegistryEntryCollection rc = rw.ReadEntries(@”/Service/WorkItemTracking/Settings/MaxAttachmentSize”);
RegistryEntry re = new RegistryEntry(@”/Service/WorkItemTracking/Settings/MaxAttachmentSize”, “20971520”);//20MB
if (rc.Count != 0)
    re = rc.First();   
    re.Value = “20971520”;
rw.WriteEntries(new List<RegistryEntry>() { re });

But the only thing you had to do in order to change the attachment size in TFS 2010 is to change _tfs_resources to the collection name, as follow:





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