Web Test Manager For TFS 2010


Couple of months ago Sela Collage were a sponsor in Microsoft ALM Summit in Seattle, there we announced on ALM Products and the first version of Web Test Manager

Innovative approach to managing and running your tests – Any Test – AnyWhere – Anytime (by Everyone) under TFS 2010.

WTM =  Manage your tests directly from your browser in TFS 2010

Now, for the first time you can manage your tests without the need for any local installation, WTM is a web application integrated in VS 2010 Team Web Access™.

With WTM you can:

  • Run & Edit Tests from any remote computer
  • Run tests on heterogeneous testing environments (Mac, Linux, AS400 and more)
  • Save 80% or more of the standard costs
  • Requires only a one time installation on the TFS server (no local installations are required)
  • Easy to use and light to run
  • Fast running with quick responsiveness
  • Allows developers to easily run tests as well

I’m glad to announce that Sela Collage has released Web Test Manager 1.0, and It’s now available to download from Sela ALM Products Page

Here some Screen Shots

Manage you Plans and Suites


Edit and Running Test Cases


View Test Runs Results


Add, Create Shared Steps To Suites




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  1. harold15/07/2011 ב 20:20

    I ran the msi intaller on the Team Foundation Server, however I can’t see the new tab.

  2. Mike R21/07/2011 ב 03:09

    Same here, I can’t see the new tab as well on a x64 w svr 2008 with SP1. Help please I really need this tool. If it works my boss will purrchase many seats…

  3. MikeRQA21/07/2011 ב 10:08

    I can’t see the tab either and cant find any help online..

  4. shair22/07/2011 ב 16:08

    Can you please send me your email address so we can solve this issue.

  5. nrh25/10/2011 ב 04:13

    Same here, I can’t see the new tab as well.
    my email is niu_ruihua@yahoo.com.cn

  6. Shyamali05/03/2012 ב 10:06

    Same here. Can’t see the tab contents. Though the person who installed it can see it.

  7. imane15/03/2012 ב 12:52

    I ran the msi intaller on the Team Foundation Server, however I can’t see the new tab.

  8. shair16/03/2012 ב 10:35

    Hi Imane,

    Please contact me or send me your email and I’ll help solve this issue.