Sela Dev Days – MTM, Automation and Load Testing Lectures


Yesterday I had the pleasure to give a Full day lecture about Microsoft Test Manager, Unit Tests, Web Test, Coded UI Test and Load Testing.

My Sela Dev-Days Experience

We started with a short talk about ALM and ways to improve your development and Testing process using Agile, CMMI and Scrum, then we apply this to how should we work with Microsoft Test Manager with different methodologies (Scrum etc) to create better Test Coverage and better experience for Tester and Developer alike. 

After we played with Microsoft Test Manager, we move to Test Automation with Visual Studio 2010, Web Performance Test –  we saw couple of ways how Web Testing can save the tester lots of time and effort for Web and Desktop applications – (See Videos)

We moves to Load Testing and talked about the 10 Steps to perform good load testing with Visual Studio 2010 (, and of course I’ve showed how to create good, reliable and fast Load Testing with Visual Studio 2010 ultimate, also we talked about create Agents to assist your Load Testing with IP Switching and create much larger load testing scenario.

At the end we talked about Coded UI Testing, the benefit of functional automated testing based on .NET and not some Script language, also the limitation and how to increase some known issues with Coded UI Testing.

I want to say thanks to everyone who attend in Sela Dev Days especially in the ALM sessions, I hope you enjoyed!

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