VS ALM Microsoft MVP For Another Year!


VS ALM Microsoft MVP For Another Year!MVP

This is my third time as VS ALM MVP and still excited like it’s the first time I got this email:

“Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award!”

imageI would like start saying Thanks to My Mentor and my good friend Guy Burstein (The King!!!) who guide me and help me getting where I’m today.
Guy is working in the Developer & Platform Adoption Group at Microsoft Israel, helping customers and technical guys like me in Israel in building their next generation applications and push forward for excellence.

imageI also would like to say many thanks to my company Sela and my boss David Bassa (Also my King) who pushed me forward in the technical community, promote many tools we built for the ALM community and helping me keep the MVP Award for another Year!


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  1. David Bassa02/04/2011 ב 22:33

    Well Shai, my prince, you are one of the most hard working experts I ‘ve ever known, all the community in Israel and abroad like your professional achievements as well as your charming personality – good luck prince Shai