TFS Integration Platform Updated Mar 11


TFS Integration Platform Updated Mar 11

Brian Harry just post about a new version released for TFS Integration Platform, This release primarily contains a bunch of bug fixes

You can Download from here –

Still not support for copying Test Cases between Team Projects but you can see my free tool here – Test Case Migrator Between Projects

The list of bugs fixes is:

  • VC adapter: code review should use cloaked path for pending change comparison
  • VC adapter: Branch, Merge, Edit code review failure
  • 2 way sync conflict not handled correctly
  • Created Date greater than Resolved Date for some WIs ported by TFS Migration tool service
  • VC adapter: Branch, Merge, Edit code review failure
  • Icons branding shell evoke tools and toolkit
  • Dev10 Work Item Tests are hard-coded to use ReflectedWorkItemId field
  • Integration service (SqlChangeGroup) threw OOM exceptions
  • A directory , which contains an sub directory which is not visible over the Config Spec causes tool to exit with error.
  • More at Brian’s Harry Blog
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  1. Neel Ingle06/07/2011 ב 16:40

    I am merging 2005 TFS proj and 2008 TFS proj to TFS 2010.
    While analysis i got that Changeset number gets updated when i merge into 2010 TFS. I want to preserve the changeset number.
    Whether this release will help me to achieve my goal.

  2. shair11/07/2011 ב 19:47


    You can’t do that, TFS will create all the changesets from the beginning.