Appointment World Times – Outlook 2010 Add in



Appointment World Times – Outlook 2010 Add in

After some bad experience scheduling meetings with people in different time zones I decide to write a simple add-in for outlook that will allow me to see times differences while writing the appointment.

If you have to schedule meetings around the world you probably familiar with the and several more that will help you see the time and date difference between your location the the other attendees.

Download Here

The code is simple as you can see below it takes appointment times and convert against the TimeZoneInfo collection.

foreach (TimeZoneInfo zone in zones)

{      DateTimeOffset off_s = new DateTimeOffset(start).ToOffset(zone.BaseUtcOffset);      DateTimeOffset off_e = new DateTimeOffset(end).ToOffset(zone.BaseUtcOffset);

Installing and Using Appointment World Times Add in

1. Download and Install the VSTO package – Download Here

2. Open Outlook and create new appointment, you will notice a new Button on the right upper corner called – “World Times”.

3. After click the button you will see new panel on the right side with all world time zones.



4. You can use the search box to easily find the desire location to compare.



5. Or you can define a set of zones you wish to see.


Download Here


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  1. Speedbird18625/03/2011 ב 16:21

    This is a great add-in… however, I live in US Central Time, but the add-in seems to believe I live in US Eastern Time. Is this perhaps related to a change in DST rules that is not implemented somewhere? (I do have all the Windows updates for DST.)

  2. Alisha28/07/2011 ב 19:20

    Great add-in. Any chance you want to share your source code? 🙂

  3. andy28/07/2011 ב 21:50

    I agree this is a great add-in. I also seem to be off by an hour (I’m on PST) and am guessing that it is related to differences in DST rules. Any thoughts on providing an update with updated DST implementation or posting the entire code source so that we can tweak? Be happy to send back any code changes if we manage to tweak successfully.