Sela – “Web Test Manager” Announcement in ALM Summit


Sela – “Web Test Manager” Announcement in ALM Summit

As you may know – Sela is a gold sponsor in ALM Summit (,


during the summit we revealed our latest developments for TFS/VS 2010 and Microsoft Test Manager.


    Merge By Work Item

  • Scrat

    Quality Center 2 TFS 2010 Migration

  • *NEW* – “Web Test Manager”

    Web Access For "Microsoft Test Manager”
    Web Test Manager” – Will allow Testers, Developers and each and every one on the Team to Write, Edit and Run Test Cases from the Web – No Special Installation Required.



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  1. Allen Feinberg30/11/2010 ב 16:58

    How can I get access to this tool. We’d love to try it out and explore purchasing it.

  2. shair01/12/2010 ב 15:16


    The release date is still unplanned and I’ll release more information in the next two weeks.

  3. Zephan03/12/2010 ב 23:04

    Adding a simplified Web UI is the best way I can think of to compliment the full (complex) UI and required local install of Microsoft Test Manager 2010. Tree view is also great. Definitely post update here when more details are available.

  4. Pedro Ribeiro19/01/2011 ב 15:21

    This would be a great add-on, but what TFS is REALLY REALLY missing is the ability to see Test Results over the Web Access, and not exclusively using MTM (Microsoft Test Manager).

  5. Sharaddha03/03/2011 ב 16:41


    Can you please confirm, how can we access to Web Test Manager ?

    Do we need an paid license for the same.


  6. Sharaddha03/03/2011 ב 21:03

    Hi Team,

    Please suggest do we need to get the paid license to access the Web Test Manager.

    Please reply on

    Thanks in Advance.


  7. MikeR QA21/07/2011 ב 09:47

    The tab does not appear when I install on a w2008 svr x64 tunning tfs 2010 server.

    I have no clue where to begin the troubleshooting.

    If this works I have a bunch oof licensesfees to send…

  8. shair22/07/2011 ב 16:08

    Can you please send me your email address so we can solve this issue.

  9. baoting24/11/2011 ב 10:24

    hi ,how can i get access to the web test manager,i ‘d really love to try it out