Is Silverlight Over? (The Good The Ok and The Bad)


Is Silverlight Over? (The Good The Ok and The Bad)bad-silverlight

NO! Silverlight is Alive but just for Window Phone 7 ?#?#? It’s good or bad?

Looking for answers I saw the following comment at Silverlight forums:

Microsoft didn’t even mention it at PDC today.  Is Silverlight over?  Should we all be looking at HTML 5 now?

I think the question is – Should we all Silverlight guys start looking for a new job? (Joking, I think…. :-*)

What I thinkIf Silverlight will be just for WP7, What all Silverlight guys will do? Most of the developers I know isn’t writing WP7 applications yet, yes I know the mobile world is accelerating but still the Web and Desktop is not a small market.
As a former Web Developer (PHP) I’m not so happy to go back (Love .NET! and a proud Dotnetter), and I think writing JavaScript for Business applications and Games in HTML5 will not be easy as .NET and will take us a lot more time to develop.
I’m wondering what changed so dramatically in Microsoft the last year? – Why Microsoft talked about Silverlight outside the browser effort a lot of work in SL, I even heard Silverlight will replace WPF – “One code for Desktop and Web”??? – Is HTML 5 and JavaScript is really Silverlight killer?

See this post Silverlight and HTML5 and Your Future about HTML 5 Game Development –

HTML5 a nascent technology, it’s true. There are issues: We built in about 4 weeks.

It likely would taken about half of that in Silverlight. Also, we dealt with all kinds of browser compact issues.

My good friend Alex Golesh a Silverlight MVP (The Master of SL!!!) was also upset with the change of the direction Microsoft takes – You can Read More

I read some more and a post from Mary-Jo Foley on Our strategy with Silverlight has shifted mention some quotes from “Bob Muglia” (president of the Server and Tools Division (STB)), that need to be mentioned:

  • The Good – > “There definitely will be another version of Silverlight, and that it will be “very much in line,” in terms of functionality and features, as Silverlight 4, which Microsoft delivered in April of this year.”
  • The OK – > “Silverlight will continue to be a cross-platform solution, working on a variety of operating system/browser platforms, going forward, he said. “But HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including (Apple’s) iOS platform,”
  • The Bad – > “When it comes to touting Silverlight as Microsoft’s vehicle for delivering a cross-platform runtime, “our strategy has shifted,”

Some Posts on that Subject: – Steve Ballmer: PDC10

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  1. Erchan31/10/2010 ב 23:12

    THE Good -> (Bob Muglia: I am sorry that this has caused confusion)

  2. Stephen06/11/2010 ב 01:11

    Microsoft did this to Windows Mobile too. With out any kind of notice, they just dropped it (as far as future advances).

    I think it is a bit funny that this is happening to Silverlight now.

    No one really cared (except for the mobile developers) when it happened to Windows Mobile. Will any one really really care (except for the Silverlight developers) when they drop Silverlight?

    They have done this one other products as well (ie Linq-to-SQL).

    Eventually Microsoft will have to start providing end of life/evolution dates for their technologies or people will get more and more mad.