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Application Lifecycle Management for the Microsoft platform will take place as November 16-18, 2010 – Microsoft Redmond.

If you are an ALM practitioner, lead, or manager who is passionate about mastering your craft, this is an event you don’t want to miss, and Sela Collage as ALM leader in Israel will be there as a gold sponsor.

Sela is going to announce of two tools for TFS and Visual Studio 2010:

  • Scrat – Quality Center 2 TFS 2010 Migration Tool – Home Page
  • Wimbi – More details after the summit

Here is the agenda:

Day 1: Agile Acceleration Day

  • Scrum: The Third Decade – Ken Schwaber
  • ALM Adoption and Futures – Dave West
  • Heterogeneous ALM Environments – Jamie Cool
  • IT for the Future – Moving into the Cloud – Tony Scott
  • Achieving true ‘ALM’ through analytics – Stuart McGill
  • Using Failure to Pave the Path for Success – John Szurek
  • Scenario-Focused Engineering – Austina De Bonte
  • Agile transformation during acquisition – Chris Kinsman
  • Agile transformation of a Microsoft product team – Cameron Skinner

Day 2: Collaborative Development

  • From Individual to Team to Organization – Brian Harry
  • Making Continuous Delivery a Reality from Product Backlog to Virtual Lab – Amit Chopra
  • Successful software project management styles – Stephanie Cuthbertson
  • Increasing Revenue Opportunities with Automated Development Tools – Karel Deman
  • Extending the ALM Platform – Mario Cardinal
  • Connecting ALM to Developer Workflow: the Task-Focused Interface – David Green (Tasktop)
  • Synchronizing and migrating ALM environments – Grant Holliday
  • The Future of Collaborative Development – Mary Czerwinski

Day 3: Engaging the Whole Team

  • The Agile Consensus – Sam Guckenheimer
  • Introducing Agility into the Enterprise at Nordstrom – JB Brown
  • Testing Tools in an Agile World – Vinod Malhotra
  • Transcending Dogma: How are they different, really? – Eric Willeke
  • Shared Values – The Why of ALM – Jim Newkirk
  • Exploratory Testing – Jon Bach
  • Professional Scrum Developer Practices – Richard Hundehausen
  • Quality is the Soul of Agile – Peter Provost

ALM Summit Home Page

Brian Harry will also be at the Summit as a presenter. (Brian on the Summit)

I hope to see you there!

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