Sept 2010 TFS Power Tools Release Available


Sept 2010 TFS Power Tools Release Available

 Brian Harry Just post regarding a new release of TFS Power Tools, this release of Power Tools also contains large number of bug fixes also mentioned in Brian’s Blog.

You find the download for the latest version of the Power Tools here:

As with the previous release, these require a TFS 2010 client.  If you want Power Tools with a previous TFS client, you will need the 2005 or 2008 Power Tools.

There are 3 “new features” in this Power Tools release:

Team Foundation Server Backup Plan:

The backup plan power tool provides a complete, automate backup solution for Team Foundation Server 2010.  Through the wizard interface you are able to choose which components of TFS you would like to backup, and create and automated backup schedule.

Tfpt Branches
You can use the branches command to convert a folder to a branch, to convert a branch back to a normal folder, to re-parent a branch, to list branches, or to view and update branch properties. These operations are already available in Visual Studio 2010. The tfpt branches command extends these operations to support scripting.

Team Explorer Enhancements

  • The View With feature allows a file to be opened with a specific editor from Source Control Explorer.
  • The Clone Build Definition feature allows a copy of a build definition to be created.
  • The Copy Work Item Shortcut feature places shortcut(s) to the selected work item(s) on the clipboard for easy pasting into email, etc.


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