Scrat – Quality Center To TFS 2010 In Hours Instead Of Months


Scrat – Quality Center To TFS 2010 In Hours Instead Of Months

Regarding previous posts like Quality Center Migration To Team System 2010 – Done, Quality Center 2 TFS 2010 Migration In 3 Hours and more,

Today I’m happy to announce – Scrat is no more in Beta stages and has been tested successfully with various customers.

Scrat Includes:

  1. Wizard based tool
  2. Test hierarchy builder(Automatically build Test Plans, Test Suite and find matching Test Cases)
  3. Migrate Test Cases, Defect and Requirements
  4. Links between items (Tested By etc..)
  5. User Mapping
  6. Easy and simple Data Mapping
  7. Simulate States (See who moved the Item from one state to another)
  8. Based on Simple XML configuration file.
  9. And a lot more!

Are you using Quality Center? if so, this is your chance to perform smooth and quick migration to Microsoft Test Manager 2010, because not all migrations have to be painful.

Scrat Home Page


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  1. Gian Maria26/07/2010 ב 12:01

    Great work, and really beautiful name :).


  2. horst10/08/2010 ב 12:22

    1) Is there the possibility of a trial version for testing purposes (with limited functionality for example)?

    2) I think the usage of the name scrat and usage of the image from Ice Age (1-3) is a not so good option. I hope you checked any copyrights which there may exist.

  3. sk20/05/2011 ב 10:51

    Can this tool migrate test cases execution history from qc to test manager 2010

  4. shair20/05/2011 ב 11:35


    Scrat doesn’t migrate Test Execution History, but if this is something you really need we can add it.

  5. Ajay25/08/2011 ב 22:27

    Is it possible to use this for migrating automated test cases to TFS i.e. coded UI test cases?