How To Change Default Language In Visual Studio


How To Change Default Language In Visual Studioimage

I’ve just installed Clean version of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and by mistake I choose my default language as Visual Basic.

So each time I’m starting a new project the default language is Visual Basic and I need to waste couple of expensive seconds to choose C# under other languages.

So here is how you change the default language in Visual Studio to the language you want.

How To:

1. Open Visual Studio, Tools and Click "Import and Export Settings…"


A wizard appears and choose the last option – "Reset all Settings"


Choose the right language for you and hit next.



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  1. Dan James24/08/2010 ב 08:47

    You my sir are a life saver, Now I can fix my silly mistake.

  2. Rex the Strange08/09/2010 ב 16:49

    No, you got it right the first time. You want VB as the default language (unless, of course, you can’t speak English or type)

  3. Munhbayar06/12/2010 ב 18:10

    Bayrlalaa. Thank you 😀

  4. cukiss09/01/2011 ב 19:18


  5. Brent18/02/2011 ב 05:46

    Thanks but I want “Web Development (Code Only)” but do NOT want VB as the default language. Any suggestions?

  6. FS13/03/2011 ב 19:11

    Thank you very much!!!

  7. Song27/03/2011 ב 05:48

    Exactly what I was looking for. I kept looking in Options.

    Thanks 🙂

  8. dero03/05/2011 ב 20:37

    Thanks a lot. It’s what I’m looking for. Can you give me explanation how to change language in my application,please? for example, I have many buttons text “Save”. So, how to change the caption of all the buttons in all forms into another language? Should I use xml file?

  9. Venkatesh08/05/2011 ב 09:26

    Thank U so much,
    I was re installing visual studio may times to change my default language to c#,bt was not helping me
    Thanky You Ver Much

  10. kv reddy12/05/2011 ב 21:57

    Thank you, you saved my time.

  11. notw25/08/2011 ב 23:48

    Thank you. It is not the same instructions for VB 2010 express but I founded following your steps. Thank you

  12. carlo24/10/2011 ב 03:15

    thank you very much. you save me hours of trying to figure out where these options were…

  13. Tech Tamizhan19/11/2011 ב 19:29

    very usefull !!
    thx for ur post…..
    keep posting….

  14. KVN Reddy08/12/2011 ב 06:41

    Artical is very easy to understand.

    My problem solved.

  15. JCBURT27/12/2011 ב 05:16

    A BIG THANK YOU! I finally found my answer….

    I want to sing right is: ALLELOUYA! (or somethinh like that). Seriouly!

  16. Robby28/12/2011 ב 04:41

    Thanks dude! It really helps!

  17. Aalap20/02/2012 ב 11:58

    Thanks mann…!!!

  18. Ryan Masschelin02/03/2012 ב 02:05

    Hi, I am trying to generate a report that uses a dual language file that I have made in DAX (takes @SYS1 in english and @SYS1 in French and makes it English/ French. Is there a way to specify this language as the default for a report in DAX 2012 and VS 2010?


  19. Mikhail Anthony Sebua05/03/2012 ב 14:57

    Sir! THANKS A LOT! I kept re-installing the vb2010.. XD

  20. Ram09/03/2012 ב 23:42

    Thanks and very nice

  21. Ramkrishna22/03/2012 ב 07:35

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  22. Ryan14/05/2012 ב 06:13

    thank you very much

  23. nothins2sure11/09/2012 ב 19:47

    If you don’t want to have to reset/change your settings, you can modify the following registry value:


    1. Start -> Run -> type regedit
    2. Navigate to the key NewProjectDialogPreferredLanguage following the path above
    3. Right click on the name and select Modify
    4. Change VB to VC#
    5. Restart Visual Studio

    Any ‘New’ dialogs will now default to C#.

  24. Marc22/10/2012 ב 16:10

    Perfect thanks!