How To Build PowerPoint Presentation Remote Control


How To Build PowerPoint Presentation Remote Controlimage

As you know Developer Academy 4 is just around the corner, I have two lectures the first one is

Introduction To CodedUI and Microsoft Test Manager – Developer Academy 4 and the second for R&D managers.

Each presenter needs to move slides back and forward without going to the computer each time, to perform this magic actions you need a PowerPoint Presentation Remote Control.

So I spent couple of hours to build one and now I’ll show how:

Part 1: Get the necessary parts

1 – Wireless Keyboard
1 – Video Camera Battery Pack
6 – Wires
1 – Battery carriage
2 – Buttons
1 – Soldering iron + tin


Part 2: Take what’s matters

How to get started? take a screwdriver and start removing all screw from the back side of the Keyboard.


After you removed all the plastics and aluminum you will see electronic boards.
The only board you need is the one marked with Green.

Safely remove the Keyboard controller from the Keyboard surface and disconnect all cables.


Part 3: Find the right dots

Take the Keyboard matrix and find the right dot for Enter key and Backspace key.

How? hold the matrix and keyboard together and press Enter and feel where is the right dot.

You will notice there is a shared dot for Enter and Backspace, the easy is to paint a line from each dot.


After you find the right dots take the Keyboard controller and rub the carbon until you see copper wire.

Using tin, Solder the wires to the dots you found.


Connect the wires to the designated buttons and create a share bridge for the shared dot.


Part 4 – Where is the Power?

Connect Battery carriage to the Keyboard controller power supply.image

Enter the Battery carriage and Keyboard Controller to the Video Camera Battery Pack and close it.


Part 5 – Check It

Plugged in the USB receiver (comes with Wireless Keyboards) and click the buttons.



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  1. ramya.p15/02/2011 ב 06:12

    can we build power point presentation remote control
    with wired keyboard