Team System 2010 Beta 2 – Diagnostic Data Adapters – No More No Repro!


Team System 2010 Beta 2 – Diagnostic Data Adapters – No More No Repro! – Part 1

What is Data Adapter?

Diagnostic Data Adapters will allow you specify various types of data to collect or how to affect the test machine when you run manual tests, automated tests, or both.
For example, a diagnostic data adapter might create an action recording, an action log, a video recording, or collect system information.
Additionally, diagnostic data adapters can be used to simulate potential bottlenecks on the test machine or reduce the available system memory.
For example, you can emulate a slow network to impose a bottleneck on the system.

How To Define Data Adapter?

You can define data adapters in two places – Microsoft Test & Lab Manager (manual testing) and Visual Studio 2010 (automated testing).

Microsoft Test and Lab Manager

Open MTLM and create a new Test Plan (Team System 2010 – Create a Test Plan [HE] – Screencast)



Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

After you create a Test Project you will notice Local.testsettings file was created under “Solution Items” folder.

The bellow pictures shows two ways on how to open the Test Settings window.



Now Run and Open BUGS with a lot of data to help you and the developer solving it faster.




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