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Expect The Unexpectedstory

The Microsoft Developer Platform Marketing team has launched a compelling new worldwide Microsoft® .NET Framework campaign at www.dotnetstories.com. Through online videos and written case studies featuring real developers who built amazing and diverse solutions on the .NET Framework, the campaign is intended to tell a clean and cohesive end-to-end story that is engaging and relevant to the developer community.

What a great way to see some of the “unexpected” and powerful .NET stories—by real .NET developers.
A great opportunity to learn from other experience and share yours.
Stories about using different platforms and different languages to accomplish different goals.
The common denominator is a need to build quickly on a reliable, versatile framework.

Every Developer Has A Story. Microsoft want to know yours!

  • How did you use the .NET Framework to create a killer app?
  • What parts of the .NET Framework (ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WPF, WCF, WF, etc.) did you use to develop it?
  • What other Microsoft products (SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows Server, etc.) were used in the solution?
  • What challenge did you solve? How did you integrate your solution with other solutions and systems?

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