Expect The Unexpected


Expect The Unexpected The Microsoft Developer Platform Marketing team has launched a compelling new worldwide Microsoft® .NET Framework campaign at www.dotnetstories.com. Through online videos and written case studies featuring real developers who built amazing and diverse solutions on the .NET Framework, the campaign is intended to tell a clean and cohesive end-to-end story that is engaging and relevant to the developer community. What a great way to see some of the “unexpected” and powerful .NET stories—by real .NET developers. A great opportunity to learn from other experience and share yours. Stories...

The Ultimate Offer – TFS For Everyone


The Ultimate Offer – TFS For Everyone In my previous posts I’ve talked about TFS 2010 Server Licensing , 500$ for TFS retail it’s a very good price, But I have MSDN Subscription Do I Need To Pay More? You don’t need to pay any additional fee, the opposite, you will get a Free Upgrade with many new features and new tools. Each version of Visual Studio 2010 includes a Team Foundation Server, so if you have Visual Studio 2008 Professional with MSDN Professional you can upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 Professional for Free...

Microsoft Acquires Teamprise Assets


Microsoft Acquires Teamprise Assets “Customers with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN also will receive the Teamprise Client Suite technology as part of their original subscription purchase.” Microsoft Press Release - http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2009/nov09/11-09TeamprisePR.mspx?rss_fdn=Press%20Releases Team Foundation Server, in combination with the Teamprise Client Suite technologies, will enable developers to use a single tool to overcome core development challenges, including version control, work-item tracking, build management, process guidance and business intelligence, regardless of the core platform in use. With the simplification of these important processes, developers will now be able to spend more time focusing on developing high-quality, creative...

PsTFS – Cmdlet for Team Foundation Server – Codeplex


PsTFS - Cmdlet for Team Foundation Server - Codeplex Noham CHOULANT just published a new project on codeplex called PSTFS. PsTFS is a set of PowerShell commands to manage and use Team Foundation Server. PowerShell effectiveness is combined with the power of TFS API to maximize TFS capabilities CodePlex Project

Visual Studio 2010 Test Case Import Utilities


Visual Studio 2010 Test Case Import Utilities CodePlex just release a really cool tool to migrate TestCases from Excel into Team System 2010. most of the test user base have their test artifacts in Microsoft Excel. For folks who want to move this test data into TCM server and then would want to use TCM Server/Microsoft Test and Lab Manager client going forward, the "Test Case Migrator (Excel)" tool provides you this capability. Some of the salient features associated with this tool are as follows: Imports...