Sigist 2009 – The Rise Of QA (Microsoft Test & Lab Manager)


Sigist 2009 – The Rise Of QA (Microsoft Test & Lab Manager)

Today I had the honor to present Microsoft Keynote in Sigist 2009 conference, the new and powerful tester tool in Visual Studio Team System 2010 “Microsoft Test & Lab Manager”

SIGiST Israel was founded in June 2000, by Mr. Alon Linetzki, and was self sponsored, for the first few meetings. Today, after many meetings, out of which several were sponsored by RadView, Rational (IBM) and Mercury (HP-Software), SIGiST Israel is the most reorganized testing community in the Israeli market. The SIGiST board today includes also Mr. Yan Baron, Automation Manager, Comverse, and Mrs. Debi Zylbermann, senior consultant in software quality assurance and website promotion.

I talked about the new improvements in “Microsoft Test & Lab Manager” – Manual Testing & Automated Testing, Shay Mandel the PM of Lab manager from India gave a wonderful lecture about Lab Manager Virtualization Solution.

After the lecture so many people came to ask questions about the tool, express their enthusiasm of the new features and abilities and everyone toke DVDs with Visual Studio Team System 2010 & Team Foundation Server 2010 – There is no doubt the QA group loves this tool.

I have no doubt that “Microsoft Test & Lab Manager” is the – Rise Of QA!!!

For more information about the “Microsoft Test & Lab Manager” you can enter the links below or contact me for any additional questions.

Manual Testing

Bye “Camano” And Welcome To “Microsoft Test and Lab Manager”

Microsoft Test & Lab Manager – Interface

Microsoft Test & Lab Manager – Test Plan

Visual Studio 2010 – Historical Debugging

Automated Testing

VS2010 – New Web\Load Test Feature – Request Details

VS2010 – Validation\Extraction Rules Extensions

VS2010 – Coded UI Test

VS2010 – Load Test Network Emulation Profile

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