Wit-It! – Outlook Add-in for TFS Work Item Alerts


Wit-It! – Outlook Add-in for TFS Work Item Alerts

After a small talk with Guy Burstein he comes up with a Great Idea : use outlook form region to show Work Item from Team System.

Then I remembered that working with Event Email in Team System are so  irritating.

You can customize Event Emails to work with Team System Web Access but then you can’t open the work item in XML (sometimes you may need it)

But then I noticed that not everyone have TSWA and even this sometimes can be irritating(slow, new look), so why not to open a Work Item Form?

It’s fast, familiar or why not have all the options??

Thanks to Guy Burstein now the solution to our problem is HERE!


Wit-It! allows you to open work items in various ways without customizing team system event subscription.

  1. Window Form – just like you’d see in Team Explorer
  2. XML
  3. Team System Web Access

Wit-It! will automatically detect which emails comes from TFS and will show you the Wit-It! panel.

12/02/09 – Update 1.1 –Web Access Fix

15/02/09 – Update 1.2 – Pass encryption & Update manager

18/02/09 – Update 1.3 – Bug Fix

Download Wit-It! – 1.3 
Subscription Email


Open Work Item in Form

Outlook Work Item


Settings Window

1.Select TFS using local cache

Use this option when your local machine works with TFS.

Use this option when working with multiply TFS servers.

2.  Manually select TFS – You can set custom connection to TFS

Use this option when working remotely (VPN etc)

Use this option if window user isn’t the TFS user or TFS requires special authorization.

Witit Settings

Download Wit-It! – 1.3 

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  1. David17/02/2009 ב 06:13

    This is awesome, well done.

    Have been trying to find something to open work items directly from outlook, looked into coding something up myself but never got past the stand alone WI editor. TSWA just doesn’t keep me happy.

    For some reason I can’t get the settings window to open when I click on the Settings icon.

  2. Bahadir ARSLAN17/02/2009 ב 08:25

    When i want to run the setup gives the following error:
    The required component for interacting with Outlook 2007 is not available. Plase run setup.exe

  3. shair17/02/2009 ב 13:10

    Hey Bahadir ,

    You need Outlook 2007 to work with Wit-It!

  4. shair17/02/2009 ב 13:11

    Hey David,

    Try to reinstall Wit-It!

  5. Bahadir ARSLAN17/02/2009 ב 15:08

    Hi shair,

    I am using Outlook 2007, but still gives the same error.
    I tried to reinstall again.

  6. shair17/02/2009 ב 19:14


    Please contact me from the blog area and we will fix it.

  7. outlook problem cannot view emails18/02/2009 ב 10:15

    At work with outlook files advise use-outlook problem cannot view emails,as far as i know tool is free,it can help to extract all files with *.eml, *.vcf and *.txt extensions from *.ost file, when you cannot access your mail account, stored on Microsoft Exchange Server,will quickly scan all hard drives and find it. If current user has only one profile and its data is stored in a *.pst file, the path will be automatically displayed in the dialog box,can convert the data to a file with *.pst extension, that can be opened with any mail client, when cannot view Outlook emails.

  8. Mark18/02/2009 ב 16:10

    How do I get to the Settings page? I’m getting the “Either access to the database is denied, or the item does not exist” error, and I’m assuming (since I’m a TFS admin) that Wit-It just isn’t configured properly.

  9. shair18/02/2009 ב 18:59

    Hey Mark,

    In the right side of the add in there is a small icon with a tool tip saying Settings.

    Also I recommend you to download the new version. 1.2

  10. cjw27/02/2009 ב 08:14

    Thanks for this!

  11. Kesims2206/03/2009 ב 20:45

    The tool looks fantastic, however I am unable to get it to work on my PC. Whenever I select the workitem form link I crash Outlook, and the settings link does not display a settings form on my PC. Any thoughts? The best that I can come up with on the crash is a “Not enough storage is available to process this command” exception.

  12. Randy Scofield09/03/2009 ב 19:16

    I had v1.2 working on my machine (and loved it), but when I upgraded to 1.3 it stopped working. I have reinstalled 1.3 and also installed 1.4, and the same thing happens: Outlook 2007 crashes. I can’t seem to get the Settings to work either. Any ideas?

  13. dave12/03/2009 ב 21:53

    Same problem here as Randy Scofield.

    After installing 1.4 i had to go back to 1.2. With 1.4 Outlook crashed with error message like ‘invalid parameter’.

    In addition I could get open settings.

  14. Eyal02/04/2009 ב 11:53

    looks great, but my outlook’s performance decreased significantly!

  15. cjw03/05/2009 ב 01:12

    this looks like a good one. tried Outlook Track-It? Track-It does just that, it TRACKS emails, and reminds you to followup. If you miss any important replies, this one is for you.

  16. Shuki Yulzary11/06/2009 ב 14:06

    Where Can i find the Setting Windows?!?!

  17. klevis01/07/2009 ב 23:16

    This is a great tool. thanks. I was just wondering on how to get the xml file of the email. Meaning, getting the file starting like this:

    < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>

  18. name30/07/2009 ב 05:23

    It is a very good thing,

  19. name30/07/2009 ב 05:23

    It is a very good thing,

  20. Garry13/10/2009 ב 07:47

    I installed version 1.4. I can see the Wit-It! add-on when I open an email in Outlook 2007.

    I clicked on all three buttons, “New Wit”, “Email to Wit” and “Attach Email to Wit” and nothing happened.

    How can I access the settings form? I am guessing that the add-in can’t connect to my TFS, but I can’t find the settings buttons that others are referring to.

    Thanks for your help.

  21. shair14/10/2009 ב 08:34


    I’m working on a new version of WitIt, soon it will be released.


  22. Martin04/08/2010 ב 22:31

    Hi Shai,

    you said “soon it will be released” a couple of months ago.

    Now, we’re talking about Outlook and TFS 2010 – the first one works if upgrading from Outlook 2007 (with occasional crashes, though), but not if installing Outlook 2010 from scratch.

    So, when can we expect a new _working_ version?

    It enhanced my productivity a lot (especially because TFS 2010 doesn’t generate standard-compliant HTML-website and hence doesn’t work correctly with Firefox 3.x.

    Thanks in advance,


  23. shair05/08/2010 ב 16:38

    Hi Martin,

    Sorry for the delay with the new version, but onces TFS 2010 came out there were some improvements with the Events emails and now you get a direct link of the Work Item , ChangeSet and Build to TFS Web Access.

    So, I didn’t saw any reason to upgrade my add-in to TFS 2010 or Outlook 2010.

    If there is any other improvements you need please let me know and maybe this will be enough to create new version of WitIt!.

    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

  24. Martin Baranski10/08/2010 ב 14:47

    Hi Shai,

    this is surely true – Outlook 2010 and TFS 2010 are enhancing my productivity a lot.

    However, using Wit-It!, it was just easier to interact with workitems – I didn’t need a browser-tab, I just needed Outlook and managed given workitems in one single program.

    Additionally, TFS Web Access is still not fully HTML-standard compliant which makes it hard to use with Mozilla Firefox.
    Wit-It! helped me here and jumped in to fulfill the role of a excellent replacement for this workflow.

    So, if you have the time, I’m begging you from the deepest depth of my soul to create a Wit-It!-version for Outlook 2010 (with that bug I once reported to you fixed, if possible).

    Thanks in advance,

  25. kosomi17/08/2010 ב 16:35

    where is setting window?
    I would like to set up the TFS connection due to error of TFS server connection

  26. Kirill31/03/2011 ב 14:33

    I tried to install Wit-it! and receive error “A required component to interacting with Outlook 2007 is not available. Please run setup.exe”. I have Office 2010. I found solution here: http://forums.xiant.com/Topic33-14-1.asp. I downloaded PrimaryInteropAssembly.exe from microsoft site and tried to install but it was not installed, because my office 2010 is 64x but there is no 2007 64….