Free Team System Custom Controls For Every One


Free Team System Custom Controls For Every One

Team System gives you Work Item with basic features but Team System also gives you the ability to write Custom Controls that will make your Work Item exactly like you want!

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I wrote lots of Custom Controls and saw many more, I still have the feeling that people have great ideas for new Custom Controls but they don’t know how to do it!

You have a good idea for Custom Control?
                 You don’t know how to do it?
                                  You want a professional to do it?
                                                      You don’t have time?

Send me your idea and let’s make it happened.

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  1. Ariel Ben Horesh23/12/2008 ב 17:02

    This is great, but why not make a codeplex project out of this?

  2. shair23/12/2008 ב 18:06


    When people will send me idea I’ll open a project in codeplex.

  3. Aviad31/01/2011 ב 14:33

    i would like to write a new Group control , that has an attribiute “Visible” that allows to show/hide the control.

    can you help ?