How To: Web Test Configurations



How To: Web Test Configurations

On DevAcademy3 I showed how to set Web Test Configuration, Here is the full tutorial.

When creating Test Project in Team System you will see under the solution – LocalTestRun.testrunconfig

Inside this file you will have many options for your Test, in this post I’m going to focus on Web Test Options.

Open Test Configuration by double click or “Test” menu ”Edit Test Run Configuration”


And pick Web Test tab.


Browser Type: you can set Team System to run your web test on different browser.

See – Add Internet Explorer 8.0, FireFox 3.0 and Google Chrome To Web Test Browser


Network Type: You can set the Bandwidth for the Web Test.
This will effect the speed of the requests and response.

To add new Network Type enter to
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\Templates\LoadTest\Networks

create new file with extension .network and enter the desire bandwidth like this:

<Network Name="Cable/DSL 768k" BandwidthInKbps="768"></Network>


Think Time: set the time you want Team System to wait after the request.


When you record a web test Team System collects the Think Times.
You can change them by clicking a specific request and change the Think Time value in the properties.


Web Test Iterations: Set how many times you want the web test to run.


One run per data source row: If you made a Data Binding Web Test (Team System – How to Create Data Binding Web Test – Screencast [HE]) this will run the Web Test for each row in your data source.

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  1. ran18/01/2010 ב 14:51

    Can I run one part of my web test one time and the other part 3 times (for example) ?

  2. shair18/01/2010 ב 15:10


    If you are using VS 2008 you cannot create a loop in web test but there two other ways:
    1. Copy and Paste the specific part
    2. Create ordered test that will run the specific part num of times.