How To: Change TFS Mail Alert Format


How To: Change TFS Mail Alert Format

Couple of customers asked me to change the TFS alert format?

So here is the solution:

To perform this action you need Administrator permissions
Drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\Web Services\Services\v1.0\Transforms

Use an XML editor such as Visual Studio to change any of the transforms. These are the two transforms for the work item event:

WorkItemChangedEvent.xsl  – Formatting for HTML e-mail
WorkItemChangedEvent.plaintextXsl – Formatting for plaintext e-mail

The .xsl file transforms the XML for the event into an e-mail message.

Open WorkItemChangedEvent.xsl in Notepad or other text editor.

Edit the file to reflect the message that you want in the notification e-mail.
You should make the similar changes to the WorkItemChangedEvent.plaintextXsl for any users who have signed-up for plaintext messages.

Save the WorkItemChangedEvent.xsl file.

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  1. Jesus Jimenez06/11/2008 ב 07:53

    Hi Shain,

    I remember that you need to restart the TFS site in IIS to changes take effect. The template is cached somehow and it won’t work until you make the restart of the site.

    Kind regards,

  2. a06/10/2009 ב 02:07

    changing tfs mail alert format just like you said above worked fine.
    the mail format has been changed.
    but the thing is only the contents of the mail format have been changed,the title still remains the same.
    so the question is how to change the “title” of the tfs alert mail?
    it is important because the automatic title shows the automatic sequential number of the work itmes, but in my case the work item is divided into several categories, so the number of each work item should vary.
    please let me know if any of you have a solution.
    thank you