How To: Create TFS Reports Using Excel


How To: Create TFS Reports Using Excel


I have customers that from time to time need new reports for them self not for the all project, I asked them why you need me to create this king of report?

The answer is: I don’t know how and it’s too complicated…

My answer: No it’s not!

In less then 5 min you will be able to create report like the one below that sync directly from TFS.

Step 9

Let’s Start

Open Excel 2007 click on Data tab and click on From Analysis Services.

Step 1

  Enter TFS Server name and click next

Step 2

Select Team System Cube and click next.

 Step 3

You don’t need to do anything in this form just click Finish.

 Step 4

Select PivotTable Report and click OK.

For Chart Report – Select PivotChart and PivotTable Report

 Step 5

Select a measure group such as Current Work Item, and then select a measure such as Current Work item Count.

Step 6

Drag fields :

  • Assigned To.Person to the Row Labels box
  • Work Item.State to the Column Labels box.
  • Date.Year.Month.Date to the Report Filter box.

Step 7

Filtering my report using Year and Month. 

Step 8


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