How to : Add custom build step messages to TeamBuild process


How to : Add custom build step messages to TeamBuild process The following sample task illustrates how to add custom build step messages to the build process. using System;using Microsoft.Build.Framework;using Microsoft.Build.Utilities;using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client;using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Proxy;using System.Threading; // This sample references Microsoft.Build.Framework.dll, Microsoft.Build.Utilities.dll,// Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Common.dll, Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.dll,// System.dll, System.Web.Services.dll namespace TeamBuildSampleTasks{ public class SampleTaskWithCustomBuildStep : Task { private string m_teamFoundationUrl; private string m_buildNumber; private string m_teamProject; ...

Traceability Tool Version 1

Traceability Tool - Version 1 I published a post about - Traceability Tool For VSTS Beta 1, After adding couple of new features and fixing some flow problem here is the new version: New features in Version Traceability Tool 1 Tests Tracking 1. Tests that already related to one or more requirements are marked with yellow color. 2. Trace and Show tests runs form a specific date. 3. Mini Graph for a specific requirement and all requirements. Email Reports 1. Schedule Reports - Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2. Manage recipients.  

How To : Create SQL Server Management Studio Addin

Read the full and original article from Jon Sayce Here In the last post I talked about How To: Create Windows Live Messenger AddinNow let's create SQL Server Management Studio Addin. Start: Let's open Visual Studio and create a new Visual Studio Add-in project. Check the right options for your Addin. After you finish the wizard please add new Setup project. Add Project output  -> Primary output and change the output group registration to vsdrpCOM Enter to Registry Editor and add your Addin to SSMS startup.     References There's extensive documentation on MSDN...

SQL Load Testing


SQL Load Testing Introduction  - SQL Load Test  This tool generates a Visual Studio 2005/2008 Unit Test from a SQL Server Profiler trace. The tool extracts all the SQL statements and stored procedure calls from the trace and turns them into a single Visual Studio Unit Test, which can then be configured as a Visual Studio Load Test. The tool does not interact with the database itself when it generates the test code and so it can be used “offline”. Requirements: SQL Server 2005 SDK and the SQL Server 2005 Management Tools are installed. Visual Studio 2005/2008...

Fiddler – QuickExec Reference


Fiddler - QuickExec Reference Fiddler is one of the most common http debugging tool today. Most of you know what is Fiddler and what can we do with him. But for the rest, so…. What is Fiddler? Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP Traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler includes a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, and can be extended using...

How To: Create Windows Live Messenger Addin


How To : Create Windows Live Messenger Addin This is my first post in a series of posts about Addins. Next : How To : Create SQL Server Management Studio Addin Let’s Start": Messenger Addins are not enabled by default, so to enable Addins for Messenger - Go to HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSNMessenger and add a DWORD value named AddInFeatureEnabled set to 1 Now launch Windows Live Messenger, sign in and go to Tools, Options, Add-ins. You should see this: The Basics of...

Framework Detector


Framework Detector I developing a Spell Checker mechanism for people who suffer from dyslexia. Take a Look And Test Me! When I send my windows application for testing I got a lot of bugs about Errors when starting the application. I asked the QA, what version of framework is installed on your computer? They didn’t know the answer for this one. The QA can’t install the latest framework version, they need to check for each framework. ...
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Team Build – Other Useful Properties


Team Build - Other Useful Properties These are properties that are used by the build process and should not be modified.  They can, however, be used to execute logic conditionally, to parameterize custom logic in the build process, etc. BinariesRoot.  The root directory for binaries - typically the working directory for the build agent + the BinariesSubdirectory property (see above). BuildAgentName.  The name of the build agent running the build. BuildAgentUri.  The URI of the build agent running the build. BuildBreak.  Set to true when a compilation error occurs, otherwise false.  Can be...