Error TF42028


Error TF42028  Recently TFS throw the 42028 and 42025 error when the user attempts to run a build. There are two very important things you went to check: 1. There are three main Build permissions:  Administer a Build Start a build Edit Build Quality Contributors - to a project should get Start a build, but not the other two. Project Admin's -  should have all three. Readers - have none. And the Build Services group has all except Administer build. 2. The other important permissions are related to Version Control. The Build Types are stored in version control at $/<teamproject>/TeamBuildTypes/<buildtypename>. If the...
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Team Build TF42046: The Build Service used in the build process is not reachable


Team Build TF42046: The Build Service used in the build process is not reachable  One of our customers report that Team Build suddenly stop working and shows TF42046 error... In this case the service status was "stop", the account that runs the service was expired. If you encounter the TF42046 error, you may want to make sure of a few things: That Team Build is installed on the build machine. This can be found on the Team Foundation Server installation CD in the Build directory. Run setup to install Team Build Make sure the Team Build Service is running. Open the...

Link between Team System Web Access to TFS notifications


Link between Team System Web Access to TFS notifications  When using project alerts to get notified about WIT changes you get an email contains link to the project portal, follow the link will bring static and very basic page of the work item. Since Team System Web Access is now available from Microsoft free of charge we can change the link in the template for all notification messages to point to the new TSWA. How to do this: In TFS computer open the folder: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server\Web Services\Services\v1.0\Transforms Create a backup of the file WorkItemChangedEvent.xsl, which we will be...

Why Visual Studio Team System? – Part 1


Why Visual Studio Team System? - Part 1 Recently people are asking me: why should we use Team System in our company? Although there is plenty of information available on the web, about Team System. I have decided to write some posts about the advantage and disadvantage of the Team System. I hope this will contributes for people to understand and help them decide if Team System is the right choice for their project or not. Life Cycle Management Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM) is not depends only on the developers, There are different tasks and jobs related to the application life cycle management,...
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