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Sunday, February 6, 2011

ושוב אני , כמובטח, אצל שי מתארח והפעם בעסקי דיסקים ונפחים עסקינן ה"דבא ים" (DBA) בקשו שהדיסק להם ידווח שידעו על מצבו לפני שיוכרז בר-מינן לעקוב ולדעת, לזהות כשלפתע צומח טענו שהשו"ב ,בתיאור התראותיו , קמצן ומנגנון הדוח"ות מסורבל ואותם הוא רוצח סקריפטו (שי) אומר, דולי עזוב הדברים , רשום הפרטים...

iPowerShell V2 available at Apple app store

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

iPowerShell V1 was the first application I installed on my iPhone and V2 is now available at the Apple app store.  It is an easy to use reference tool for users of Microsoft's PowerShell scripting language for use on the iPhone or iPod Touch, It's FREE! If you already have iPowerShell V1 you should just be able to download the update. If you are not familiar with this wicked, cool product, check out SAPIEN’s blog post and read all about it.
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Free eBook – Windows PowerShell v.1 TFM

Saturday, December 5, 2009

SAPIEN Technologies has released their Windows PowerShell v.1 TFM eBook (18.4 MB), by Don Jones and Jeff Hicks, as a FREE download on their community tools page, !. The book was one of the first PowerShell books on the market and is a great resource to learn PowerShell. The second PowerShell book in the TFM series,Windows PowerShell v.2 TFM, covers all the new features and technologies of PowerShell v2.0 and can be pre-ordered.
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