PSRR – Remote Registry PowerShell 3.0 Module

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; One of the new improvements in the .NET Framework version 4 is the Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView enumeration. On the 64-bit version of Windows, portions of the registry are stored separately for 32-bit and 64-bit applications. There is a 32-bit view for 32-bit applications and a 64-bit view for 64-bit applications. Many of the 32-bit keys have the same names as their 64-bit counterparts, and vice versa. In the 64-bit version of Registry Editor, 32-bit keys are displayed under the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node. I’m pleased to announce that the PSRemoteRegistry module has...

QuickTip: Additional PowerShell Registry drives

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Windows PowerShell provides access to the system registry via two PowerShell drives: HKLM and HKCU, which maps to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hives respectively. PS > Get-PSDrive -PSProvider RegistryName Used (GB) Free (GB) Provider Root CurrentLocation---- --------- --------- -------- ---- ---------------HKCU Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USERHKLM ...

Remote Registry PowerShell Module

Sunday, January 10, 2010

  About two years ago I wrote a Stand alone registry functions library to help managing Windows Registry on local or remote computers. Now that PowerShell 2.0 has released, I’ve taken the time to convert the library to Advanced Functions and now they are part of a PowerShell module. The big improvement in the functions, beside the richness of PowerShell 2.0 features used in the module (support for Common Parameters, Comment Based Help and declaring a function that acts similar to a compiled cmdlet), is that now the functions can be used together in a...

Stand alone registry functions library

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

EDIT   A newer version of this library is available for PowerShell 2.0.   The following file (also included below) contains 20 stand alone registry functions to Read,Write,Delete,Test registry keys/values from local or remote computer. Here's a list of the functions: Get-RegBinary Get-RegDWord Get-RegDefault Get-RegExpandString Get-RegMultiString Get-RegQuadWord Get-RegString Get-RegValueKind New-RegSubKey Remove-RegSubKey Remove-RegSubKeyTree Set-RegBinary...