PowerShell to the rescue

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A member of my team came in this morning with a scripting request: "If we ran a full backup on all of our servers (fixed disks), how much disk space would they all consume altogether? We need to give the boss a ‘ball-park number’ by the end of the day!" So, how can we get that number? Here’s a quick & dirty version. 1. Get all computers objects (names only). We keep our servers in a dedicated OU in active directory. ...

Protecting OU from accidental deletion

Sunday, September 13, 2009

When you create new Organizational Units in Active Directory Users And Computers (ADUC) in Server 2008 (or with RSAT on 2003 domains), ADUC gives you the option to protect the OU from accidental deletion. When this option is selected, ADUC updates the security descriptor of the object and, potentially, its parent, with Deny ACE for the Everyone domain group, which denies all administrators or users of this domain and domain controller the ability to delete this object. Note: This setting does not provide protection against accidental deletion of a subtree that contains the protected object. Therefore, it is recommend...

Active Directory PowerShell scripts pack

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As announced yesterday, Idera, the company behind PowerShellPlus , has released the Active Directory scripts pack. The scripts pack, authored by Aleksandar Nikolic and myself, is a set of more than 30 PowerShell 1.0 ADSI functions and filters designed to help IT administrators automate everyday Active Directory management tasks. You can download the scripts pack HERE (registration needed). We hope you'll find it useful and if you have any questions or find any bugs you can report them to one of us. We are also available on Twitter (@alexandair and @ShayLevy).