Leveraging Proxy Functions in PowerShell

March 30, 2012

@DSotnikov just released the video recording of the session from the PowerShell Deep Dive in Frankfurt (last year). In this video, MVP Kirk Munro (poshoholic) and I demoed a project we've been working on that let's you create proxy functions. Here's a reminder of the session abstract. In this session as they take a deep dive into proxy functions in PowerShell. Shay and Kirk have been working together on PowerShell Proxy Extensions, a powerful module that leverages proxy functions and makes it easier than ever to create these powerful extensions to PowerShell. They will demonstrate what proxy functions...

Counting objects in PowerShell 3.0

March 19, 2012

Consider the following command, how many objects are in $dir? PS> $dir = Get-ChildItem The most common way to find it is to check the Count property: PS> $dir.Count But… the Count property is available only if Get-Something returns more than one object (array/collection), If the result has one object only (scalar) the Count property returns nothing, not even zero. If the result contains more than one object, the objects are accumulated in an Array (collection), and Arrays have a Count property so we get the number of objects. Now back to the question above, how...
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