PowerSE – Free Professional Script Editor

August 13, 2011


imageA few days ago, Devfarm Software the makers of PowerWF, has released their commercial PowerShell editor, PowerSE v2.5, as a free community script editor.

PowerSE is an advanced script editor and an interactive console packed with multiple features to help you develop and debug your PowerShell scripts.  Now you can download a fully functional FREE version HERE (requires registration).


PowerSE features:

  • Complete IntelliSense coverage of PowerShell, DotNet and WMI.
  • Real time Syntax Checking instantly lets you see errors in your code and quickly jump to error lines to fix the problem.
  • It has an XML editor.
  • The ability to do a quick command.  Example.  Get-process.  Then using the grid, you can select columns, rearrange the rows, and sort.  Then generate the PowerShell, and insert it into your script.  Much faster than typing all those commands.
  • Integrated Help.
  • Tabbed interface to edit multiple scripts.
  • Integrated Console.  If you hit F11, it will zoom into full-screen mode (F11 to zoom back).  F12 will zoom the highlighted window to full-screen, and vice-versa.   F1 full-screen help.
  • Command History (combined with the console). So, you can do an interactive console session, to figure out what you need.  Then using the Command History, insert those command and create a script.  Sort of record/playback.
  • Call Stack history, plus complete debugger.
  • Search scripts in script repositories like: PoshCode and TechNet Script Center Repository.


Check out this video for a quick overview.


So, give it a spin to see how you like it. Thumbs up for making it free but there’s one drawback, the product will expire in 60 days and to continue using it you will have to re-download it!

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  1. xcudAugust 13, 2011 ב 19:06

    A re-download isn’t required. We just ask you to fill out a very short form soliciting product feedback (and pitching our non-free products to you). Once you submit the form we email you a new key and re-send the app download link.

    Please take a moment and fill out this poll to tell us if you’d rather have a Start Page load up every time you run PowerSE instead of the 60 day thing: http://twtpoll.com/s7kqz6

  2. ScriptFanaticAugust 13, 2011 ב 19:31

    That’s good to know, however it’s not what your activation email states.

  3. xcudAugust 14, 2011 ב 03:49

    Sorry. We’re new to giving out free software and we pulled that trigger pretty quick after making the decision.

    I’ll pass your feedback along to PM. I know they’re working on rewording the automated emails and assorted web pages.

  4. PaulAugust 14, 2011 ב 08:47

    Crashed it less than 30 minutes

  5. StuartAugust 16, 2011 ב 00:03

    Been using this as a replacement to PowerGUI for a few days and so far so good. No crashes here. Some observations:-

    –> No console intellisense.
    –> No ability to customise toolbars.
    –> When I boot a Posh IDE I usually begin with $a = which in PowerSE expands to $args whether I want it to or not!
    –> No colour customisations! a’la PowerGUI
    –> Intellisense sometimes has a tiny bit of delay.
    –> Intellisense for convertto-html … hhmmm?

    But it does seem to be rock solid and feels nice in use. I have had 3 or 4 heavy sessions in it and I really DO like it. It feels very “right”.

    I would definitely have been a bit concerned if I had paid $150 for it – but for free or even $50, just great.

    Now if only we could customise the colour schemes, tame automatic intellisense option _selection_ and get some intellisense into that console, I think I would be over the moon with it. As it stands I’m reaching for it more and more and it’s definitely worth a try.


  6. VietAugust 16, 2011 ב 11:05

    It’s 60 days evaluation version. Not a *FREE* version as I thought. Nice marketing trick to collect info. I hate this strategy, going to uninstall it now. Don’t want to try a product from company that playing trick to users.

  7. Brian ButlerAugust 16, 2011 ב 14:51


    Thanks for the feedback (comments below), and glad you find value in it. You can always Donate $50 to the cause. 🙂

    As you suggestions/comments. Most all will be fixed in very short order. As it’s free, it has to take priority to our day job. 🙂 Else the kids don’t eat, wife gets anger, and that’s no fun.


    -> No console intellisense

    >> This was by design, but it could always be changed. Our fingers were so used to the standard PowerShell console, that Intellisense (like the editor) was a bit annoying. But, a method to pick your maddness would be nice. It will be added to the queue.

    –> No ability to customize toolbars.

    >> This will be fixed in short-order. A simple oversight. Thanks for the reminder.

    –> I usually begin with $a = which in PowerSE expands to $args whether I want it to or not!

    >> YES! YES! YES! I *HATE* that too. It sounds like a simple bug, but it’s actually a VERY TRICKY problem. I spent hours (days) on this one during development. Maybe revisit it at some point. But, all the fixes had a negative effect else where. It’s due to the language definition. I might open the can of worms down the road, but sadly it’s a difficult problem. BTW: All editors have similar issues, In fact, even Microsoft’s SQL Server does.

    — No Colour customization.

    It’s there, but the tool was designed to be part of the PowerWF family, thus the dialog is it PowerWF. No, that doesn’t help you. And Yes, we’ll fix that.

    –> Intellisense delay.

    This is on the first usage. It’s gathering the data, then it’s cached. We could move that initialization logic on load-up. (It was like that). But, then even it you aren’t editing (use reading), you pay every time.

  8. Brian ButlerAugust 16, 2011 ב 14:59


    Best of luck, and I understand for some people it’s too much to ask. But, It’s no trick. We are upfront with the policy. We have a pretty large investment in the product, and the cost going forward isn’t free either. Thus, in order to keep development costs down the decision was made. I hope others understand.

  9. TomAugust 18, 2011 ב 20:18

    I agree with Viet. Please LOSE the cheap/tawdry marketing tricks. If you’re going to make it free, make it FREE and stop the bullshit. Everybody else is clearly upfront about trial version vs. free, you should already know that by now.

    Either pull the app OR make it free and LEAVE it free without stupid 60-day crap. Not downloading or installing crippleware.

  10. iHungerOctober 11, 2011 ב 17:34

    PowerSE no longer requires a renewal every 60 days. If you download it now, the license you receive is perpetual. If you downloaded previously, you can renew your license and download the new version to get a perpetual license.

    Additional Notes:
    * PowerSE get’s feature updates and fixes very frequently, so downloading regularly is recommended.
    * The ” $a = expands to $args ” bug has been fixed

  11. ScriptFanaticOctober 11, 2011 ב 19:18

    Thanks for the update Jim.

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