Cmdlets and Parameters – Differences between Exchange 2007 and 2010

June 15, 2010

Exchange 2010 adds a lot of new commands to the Exchange Management Shell (EMS). In addition to the new commands, some commands were removed and some cmdlet parameters have changed. To find all the changes between the two versions of Exchange I put together a script that produces a collection of custom objects. By querying these objects you can find if a command or its parameters are new or removed. The changes are recorded in an XML file (compare.xml) which you can use to filter a specific command. To compare the changes I ran a script, on each...

Tracing commands – Get-CommandTraceSource

June 7, 2010

Windows PowerShell provides several cmdlets to trace various low-level PowerShell components. When tracing, components generate detailed messages about each step in its internal processing. Developers use the trace data to monitor data flow, program execution, and errors. Tracing is mostly for developers but they are available to all users. The following shows the output of Trace-Command using its first help code example (for more information about the Trace-Command cmdlet, type: Get-Help Trace-Command -Full):   Trace-Command expects two pieces of information, one or more trace sources and an expression (enclosed in braces). We can get a list...
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