Where to find PowerShell 2.0

December 7, 2009


In case you haven’t heard already, PowerShell 2.0 is RTM’d. It’s now a part of a package called Windows Management Framework (Windows PowerShell 2.0, WinRM 2.0 and BITS 4.0). Windows Management Framework is available for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 (On Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 v2.0 is installed by default).

So, if you’re still using v1 or (for god’s sake) any of the CTP versions, you can download v2.0 HERE.

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  1. scott haylesDecember 9, 2009 ב 07:37

    I downloaded Windows6.0-KB968930-x86.msu (I’m running Vista Ultimate SP@) but get the error message “The update does not apply to your system”.

    What gives???

  2. ScriptFanaticDecember 9, 2009 ב 09:25

    Check if PowerShell is already installed on your computer.

  3. Jan Egil RingDecember 13, 2009 ב 18:33

    @Scott Hayles: PowerShell 2.0 requires at least Vista SP1.

  4. Scott HaylesDecember 14, 2009 ב 11:15

    Re problems with Windows6.0-KB968930-x86.msu – I have Vista Ultimate SP 2. What happened was this
    1. I run the install – it seemed to work
    2. I started powershell, and the console said “CRM 3” or some such thing, not V2, so I thought it had not installed at all
    3. I uninstalled – that seemed to work
    4. Now that I try to install V2 I get the above described error. There is no sign of Powershell.exe any where BUT there are registry entries – in a folder called “1”though. I cannt delete these entries by standard means and don’t want to muck around too much with the registry, especially as I will be getting a new development machine in two weeks anyway…

  5. sutharsanMarch 18, 2010 ב 10:55

    my server need installed the exch 2010 server not insteed in poershell tool instlled system but error in showing pc.im try mor ethen three time uninstall and reinstll Windows6.0-KB968930-x86.msu still now notworking my pc.