Free eBook: Mastering PowerShell with Dr.Tobias Weltner

July 14, 2009



"Mastering PowerShell" by Dr. Tobias Weltner, Windows PowerShell MVP, is now available as a free PDF eBook. You can download it here or read the online version.

The book’s technical editor is Aleksandar Nikolic, a good friend of mine and a PowerShell skillful scripter. Congratulations Tobias and Alek!

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  1. J. Perry StonneJuly 14, 2009 ב 18:47

    Thank you for this terrific resource! It is a huge help to those of us just getting our feet wet with PowerShell. PowerShellPlus is superb. I liked it so much using it during the free trial period, I purchased it. An investment in my IT future. Once again, Thank you.

  2. ScriptFanaticJuly 14, 2009 ב 21:18

    Good investment, PS+ is a tremendous editor and worth every penny!

  3. TomJuly 19, 2009 ב 22:44

    Does anyone know what version of PowerShell this book is targeted toward?

  4. AleksandarJuly 20, 2009 ב 00:12

    The book covers PowerShell V1.