PowerShell Toolbar (updated)

May 12, 2009

Last year I blogged about the PowerShell Toolbar. Since than the toolbar was downloaded more than 850 times. I would like to thanks all the people who used it and still are, your comments have helped me a lot in improving it. Again, if you feel I missed something or someone, please leave a comment or send me an email through the contact section of this blog or through the toolbar itself.

Here are the latest improvements and changes. You can download the toolbar HERE.


When you click the little down arrow you’ll find a new search option ‘PowerShell Forums Search’. Using this option performs a search in several PowerShell known forums, such as:

  • PowerShellCommunity.org

  • PowerGUI.org 

  • PowerShell.com

  • StackOverflow.com

  • PoshCode.org


PSBlogs The Blogs section has been updated and now includes a submenu for Windows PowerShell MVP blogs as well as others like MSFTs and PowerShell bloggers.

In the Radio section you’ll be able to listen to Jonathan and Alan’s Get-Scripting podcasts


New menus were added, like: PowerShell training, Script Repositories and more.



The Twitter gadget is new to the toolbar. You can read the last 15 PowerShell tweets even if you don’t have Twitter account. The widget is floating so you can position it anywhere inside the browser window, content should refresh every 1 minute.

And if you are using Twitter then you can get update notifications by following @PSToolbar.

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  1. Joel "Jaykul" BennettMay 12, 2009 ב 18:00

    You missed PoshCode in your search stuff. Kind-of a gaping hole.

  2. ScriptFanaticMay 12, 2009 ב 18:44

    You’re right, it should appear in a few seconds. BTW, PoshCode doe’s appear under ‘Resources > Script Repositories’ 🙂

  3. Ravi VDecember 7, 2009 ב 15:40

    Any possible ways to use this with Google Chrome ?

  4. ScriptFanaticDecember 7, 2009 ב 17:25

    Not yet, Google Chrome is not in the supported list of browser though I do hope it will be.

  5. Andrew TearleApril 1, 2010 ב 04:08

    Return to use your Toolbar intermitently over the last 2 years in various browsers and am always amazed at the quantity and variety of information offered.
    I cannot think of a toolbar that has ever been as useful …
    Wish only to say Thanx !
    for me and for all those who are discovering PowerShell.

  6. Eli SagieDecember 21, 2011 ב 14:06

    Installed new WIndows 7 AMD64 in my new office and of course downloaded and installed the PS Toolbar, but unfortunatly i can’t see it!
    When enabling, the IE open the space for it, but no buttons or anything is showing.
    reinstalling did not help.
    IE ver is 9.
    What gives?

  7. ScriptFanaticDecember 21, 2011 ב 14:36


    Is there a firewall or any other device in between that blocks communication out to the Internet?