FREE GUI builder tool for PowerShell

November 5, 2008




EXCITING NEWS! SAPIEN Technologies has announced its new FREE thumbs_up GUI builder tool for PowerShell, PrimalForms. The tool works with PowerShell V1 and the current V2 CTP. The installer includes a startup guide (24 pages PDF) along with code samples, written by PowerShell MVP and author, “Ironman” Jeffery Hicks. You can download it HERE (quick registration needed).

Jeffrey has also a blog post to Get you Started with PrimalForms. Here’s a screenshot of the tool:



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  1. Jeff HicksNovember 5, 2008 ב 09:05

    I’m waiting to see your first forms script!

  2. HectorNovember 7, 2008 ב 14:33

    I can’t get this thing to download. I’ve gotten a couple emails with a download link, but it is not working. I keep getting “Can’t process download – unrecognized file identifier.”

    Is there an alternate download location?

  3. ScriptFanaticNovember 7, 2008 ב 15:19


    I don’t expreince any problems downloading the file. I also asked a friend to check it and he had no problems also. I’ve forwarded your problem to SAPIEN. They suggest that you’ll post the problem in the free tools support forum at

    It might be a location, browser or OS related problem. For starters, try to download using a different browser.


  4. Jeff HicksNovember 7, 2008 ב 16:03

    Is there any sort of spam, antivirus or other filter that could be obstructing the download?

  5. Alexander RiedelNovember 7, 2008 ב 16:16

    I think the problem exists if you receive text-only email rather than HTML based email.
    We are looking into it.

    Alex Riedel
    SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.

  6. Jeff HicksNovember 7, 2008 ב 16:53

    I believe the issue has been resolved, Hector et al, please try the download again. If you *still* have problems, please post a problem in the free tools forum at

  7. HectorNovember 7, 2008 ב 18:08


    I was able to download now. 🙂

  8. Justin November 9, 2008 ב 22:41

    So far primal forms is a dream come true for the most part. It is so nice to be able to concentrate on the core of a GUI based script rather than spending all my time constructing the GUI itself. The only real complain I have so far is that they don’t seem to have a MenuStrip form. For me the real value of something like PrimalForms is for larger scripts where a GUI really allows for a lot of functionality/user interaction and in those kind of scripts I like to include at least a minimal menu (File/Help etc).

  9. DaleNovember 10, 2008 ב 01:49

    Can you remove my previous comment, please.

    Thanks for creating Primalforms!

  10. ScriptFanaticNovember 10, 2008 ב 03:11

    It’s a great utility and I would like to thank SAPIEN for making it free.

    The major drawback is the lack of option to attach and save PowerShell code with the form (allowing you to import it back to PrimalForms). Each time you change the Form structure you also have to reembed your PS code. That said, I’m sure SAPIEN will fix that in future releases.

  11. Calbrit01January 14, 2009 ב 18:00

    Just downloaded and started using this, its a dream come true – excellent job Sapien for free. What would make this an outstanding offering, and one I would gladly pay for, is if it was integrated with PowerGUI? or maybe Microsoft would be interested in purchasing this as an add in for Visual-Studio.

  12. RobertAugust 20, 2010 ב 10:17

    Thanks thanks thanks, it was unhoped-for

  13. MackanJanuary 21, 2011 ב 17:31

    This tools is no longer free. They want $149 for the 2009 version

  14. ScriptFanaticJanuary 23, 2011 ב 09:55

    The tool is still there (community edition) you just need to register (free) to get it.

  15. Ted WagnerApril 10, 2012 ב 14:45

    Correct me if I’m wrong, PrimalForms is no longer free. You can get a trial, but you must purchase it.

  16. ScriptFanaticApril 10, 2012 ב 14:57

    @Ted, the tools are still free, you just need to create yourself an account (free), and log in to the Downloads section.