PowerShell V2 – Jeffrey Snover at TechED EMEA 2008

PowerShell V1 delivered a radically simplified approach to the traditional problem of interactive Shell, Scripting and Admin GUIs. Come and learn how V2 makes it easier to create and debug your scripts with a graphical environment, write production quality scripts using script cmdlets, modules and transactions, manage large distributed environments using WSMAN, improved WMI support and the new Unified Code Execution Model, and write smaller simpler scripts through improvements to the language and new/improved cmdlets. Click the image to view the presentation.
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FREE GUI builder tool for PowerShell

November 5, 2008

  EXCITING NEWS! SAPIEN Technologies has announced its new FREE GUI builder tool for PowerShell, PrimalForms. The tool works with PowerShell V1 and the current V2 CTP. The installer includes a startup guide (24 pages PDF) along with code samples, written by PowerShell MVP and author, "Ironman" Jeffery Hicks. You can download it HERE (quick registration needed). Jeffrey has also a blog post to Get you Started with PrimalForms. Here's a screenshot of the tool: