Do you know your aliases?

June 30, 2008

  This little PowerShell script you can check how familiar you are with all the built-in aliases in PowerShell V2 CTP2. For each alias there are 7 cmdlet names to choose from. There are 10 questions, and at the end of the quiz you can review your results and optionally run the quiz again. You need to have PowerShell V2 CTP2 installed for the script to run. Good luck :)    
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PowerShell at the tip of your browser

June 29, 2008

EDIT: Updated list of features can be found HERE  I've created a PowerShell browser toolbar using Conduit community toolbars. It provides one-click access to many PowerShell related resources. Any changes I'll make to the toolbar will automatically be seen by users who installed it, no need to reinstall. The toolbar works on IE and also on any platform that Firefox runs on: Mac, Linux and Windows. If you want the toolbar to be available for both browsers, run setup on each one separately. If what preventing you from installing it is your precious screen...

ActiveXPoSH – PowerShell for VBScript/JScript

June 26, 2008

SAPIEN Technologies has released a new COM component named ActiveXPoSH (included in PrimalScript 2007 script editor). It is a special PowerShell host that allow developers/scripters to run single cmdlets or entire scripts from VBScript/JScript code. The component is free for personal and commercial use. You can find more details in this document and download it from here.
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PowerShell Popcorn

  My son heard all the alien beeps and asked me for this one, the Popcorn tune. I couldn't say no :)   1..2 | % { 1..2 | % {900,800,900,700,550,700,450 | % { ::beep($_,50); sleep -m 150}; sleep -m 250} 900,1000,1050,1000,1050,1000,1050,900,1000,900,1000,800,900,800,900 | % { ::beep($_,50); sleep -m 150} sleep -m 250 1..2 | % {900,800,900,700,550,700,450 | % { ::beep($_,50); sleep -m 150}; sleep -m 250} 900,1000,1050,1000,1050,1000,1050,900,1000,900,1000,800,900,1000,1050...

Webcast: Managing Hyper-V Virtual Machines with WMI and Windows PowerShell

June 17, 2008

  Start Date: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 8:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)   Event Overview Before the beta release of Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, there was only one option for automating management of Hyper-V virtual machines鈥擶indows Management Instrumentation (WMI). In this webcast, you learn how to automate the most common management tasks, how to create a delegation model using Windows Authorization Manager, and where the power of WMI can pick up where Virtual Machine Manager leaves off. In addition, the Hewlett-Packard Windows Server 2008 Academy team shares their experience automating the deployment of 600...
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Listing enumeration type values (updated)

  The old function return duplicate names when the enumeration has two names with the same value, for example:    PS > Get-EnumValues Microsoft.PowerShell.ExecutionPolicy Name Value ---- ----- Unrestricted 0 RemoteSigned 1 AllSigned 2 Restricted 3 Restricted 3   Here is the modified version of the function: function Get-EnumValues($type){ ::getNames($type) | select @{n="Name";e={$_}},@{n="Value";e={$type::$_.value__}} | ft -auto }   And the results: PS > Get-EnumValues...
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Scripting Sysadmin meme

June 16, 2008

  In response to Steve's Scripting/Sysadmin Meme   How old were you when you started programming? I was 27 when I started to write HTML/ASP pages.   What was your first machine? My first real computer was Windows 95 PC. When I was 12 (I think), my uncle gave me a Texas Instruments (I can't remember the model name) but at that time I wasn't a computer geek.   What was the first real script you wrote? Looping through ADO recordset and populating Active Server Pages (ASP).   What scripting languages have you used? ...
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Close Encounters of the PowerShell Kind

June 11, 2008

 Five tones: $notes = 900,1000,800,400,600 $duration = 400,400,400,400,1600 0..($notes.length-1) | % {::beep($notes,$duration) }   Spaceship Siren: 1..10 | % { 370..470 | % { ::beep($_,5) }}   Talking alien :) 900,500,1000,800,400,600,1200,300,200,500,1100,300 | %{::beep($_,100)}   CTP2 Alien: 1..20 | foreach { $rnd = (Get-Random -min 0 -max 20)*100 if($rnd -eq 0) { sleep -m 10 } else { ::beep($rnd,100) } }
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