Select and then Sort

May 29, 2008

  When you use both select-object and sort-object in a pipeline, what's the proper order? Let's check how fast they execute. Each speed test is built from two similar commands with a different sort/select piping order and each test is executed 10 times. The total execution time is measured in Milliseconds.   - Updated: 06/11/2008 (see comment below by Lee Holmes) -   Test #1 PS > (measure-Command { 1..10 | foreach { gsv | sort name | select name,status }}).TotalMilliseconds 444.5451 PS > (measure-Command { 1..10 | foreach { gsv | select name,status | sort name}}).TotalMilliseconds 384.7565 Result: Second command is...
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Generating Random Dates

May 28, 2008

  One of the new cmdlets in PowerShell CTP2 is Get-Random. Get-Random gets a random number or selects objects randomly from a collection.  I wanted to generate random DateTime objects with it but there is no built-in capability for that, yet it doesn't mean you can't use Get-Random it to generate random dates :) At its base, a DateTime object is measured in 100-nanosecond units called Ticks. So I tried to use Get-Date to initialize a DateTime using Ticks. Again, Get-Date doesn't have any parameter for that so I checked the underlying object, System.DateTime. One of the...
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Adobe Illustrator to XAML converter

  AI>XAML is plug-in, by Michael Swanson, that enables graphic designers to export vector artwork from Adobe庐 Illustrator庐 to WPF and Silverlight compatible XAML. It's free for download and there is also a video tutorial on Channel9. I need to try it in WPF forms! This week, the PowerShell blog sphere is full with WPF walk through's introduced by Joel, MoW and James Brundage from the PowerShell team.
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PowerScripting Podcast – Episode 26

May 19, 2008

  PowerScripting Podcast - Episode 26 is out, this time with the legendary Keith Hill, Windows PowerShell MVP. You can also listen to the podacst online via PowerShell Community Toolbar.   And for a limited time, Quest, the sponsor of the PowerScripting Podcast is offering Powerscripting Podcast listeners a free copy of Jeffery Hicks upcoming book, 'Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM' from Sapien Press. Get the full details at the PowerScripting Podcast website.
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