Wish List for the Visual Studio Editor and Debugger: Drawing Inspiration from Other IDEs

Monday, March 11, 2013

One of the benefits of using more than one development platform, more than one IDE, and more than one debugger is that you gain a better understanding of what your personal ideal development workflow looks like. It might well be the case that no single tool provides every feature you're excited about, which is what I feel these days. Because Visual Studio is my long-time (since 1999) favorite IDE and debugger, here are some features from other tools I'd like to see integrated in Visual Studio. Inspired by command-line debuggers, like WinDbg/GDB/DDD/DBX Command-line debuggers...

The Case of The Unquoted Command Line: Process Monitor and MPGO.EXE

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A few months ago I wrote about MPGO, a new Microsoft tool that ships with .NET 4.5 and enables profile-guided optimization of managed assemblies. Specifically, MPGO optimizes the layout of native images for managed assemblies, which reduces startup times, working set sizes, and page fault costs. Shameless plug: Pro .NET Performance has a large section dedicated to improving startup performance, and I’ve written about this before: Using Prefetch to improve startup performance, Rebasing and compression. Anyway, I was experimenting with MPGO and encountered a strange error when working with some of my assemblies. Specifically: C:\Temp\mpgo test>mpgo...
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