Windows 7 How-To Videos: Libraries and Federated Search

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Windows 7 videos that I recorded have been posted on Channel 9. This installment deals with Windows 7 shell libraries and Federated Search, a subject that I haven’t covered in depth on my blog. The videos feature an introduction to shell libraries and demonstrate how to integrate your application with Windows 7 libraries from managed and native code, how to register for library change notifications (if you care about changes to library contents), and how to use Federated Search to integrate your search provider into Windows Explorer. [I don’t remember if I told you this in my...
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Windows 7 How-To Videos: Windows 7 Taskbar

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rather than make an HTML index of the videos, I figured it would be more convenient for my visitors to watch the videos directly from here, thanks to the Channel 9 embedding capabilities (and Silverlight). Introduction and Application ID Overlay Icons and Progress Bars Jump Lists Part 1 Jump Lists Part 2 Custom Previews and Thumbnail Clips ...
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Windows 7 How-To Videos: Introduction to the Windows 7 Taskbar

As part of our work on the Windows 7 training materials, I recorded 23 short how-to videos explaining how to use the new Windows 7 features from managed code (often using the Windows API Code Pack) and from native code. Our Sela team, including Alon, Dima, Arik, and many others, collaborated on the slide decks, demo code, and other aspects of these recordings. The first installment of these videos is already live on Channel 9—you can download or watch online six videos about the Windows 7 taskbar. As you might...
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