DevReach 2012: Task and Data Parallelism

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thanks for attending my DevReach session on task and data parallelism! We discussed the APIs available to you in the Task Parallel Library and how to avoid common pitfalls and squeeze performance from seemingly difficult to parallelize algorithms. Among the topics we covered: Measuring concurrency using the Visual Studio Concurrency Visualizer Extracting parallelism from recursive algorithms Symmetric data processing and uneven work distribution Dependency management with continuations Synchronization avoidance with aggregation and creative solutions...
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DevReach 2012: Garbage Collection Performance Tips

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thanks for attending my DevReach session on garbage collection performance tips! This is one of my favorite subjects, and I found it very hard to cover it well in just under one hour. Still, we discussed the general inner workings of the garbage collector and highlighted several best practices for improving your application performance. Among the topics we covered: Switching GC flavors and understanding server, concurrent, and background GC Finding long-lived objects and allocation sources with CLR Profiler Detecting virtual address space...
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