PDC 2009 Day 1: Future Directions for C# and Visual Basic

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I just learned that the C# compiler is being ported to C# and the VB.NET compiler is being ported to VB.NET. (Right now they are both written in C++, of course :-)) The beginning of the presentation focused on the three trends – dynamic, declarative, concurrent – that are prevalent in the latest releases of the .NET languages. Luca Bolognese showed an example of converting an imperative for-loop and converting it to a LINQ query which is very declarative. Next, he used the AsParallel() extension method (from the TPL) to parallelize the query – which demonstrates how...
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PDC Day 1: The Future of C#

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Even though there are 7 people from Sela at the PDC (impressive considering the Israeli delegation size of around 20 people), we all have very different interests when it comes to choosing a session to attend.  However, we were decisively unanimous when it came to Anders Hejlsberg's session titled The Future of C#. Anders Hejlsberg is just that - Anders Hejlsberg.  In an amazing presentation he covered the future of C# - what's going to be in the upcoming C# 4.0 release and what the future blueprints for C# vNextNext are going to be. I'm sure this is going...
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