Visual Studio Async CTP: A Few More Things

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I gave a couple of examples in my previous post which demonstrate, IMHO, how async methods can simplify existing approaches to asynchrony in C# programs. Both examples were fairly simple in that they didn’t involve cancellation, progress reporting, UI thread dispatching, or exception handling. I’m happy to report that accomplishing these objectives is as easy as doing nothing else than what we’ve already seen. This is a result of a fairly sophisticated C# rewriting process that the compiler applies to async methods, not unlike the rewriting process applied to iterator blocks (“yield return” and “yield break”). For...
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Visual Studio Async CTP: The C# Perspective

During today’s PDC session on the future of C# and VB, Anders Hejlsberg announced the availability of the Visual Studio Async CTP, implementing a set of changes to the C# language that support a new pattern for asynchronous programming. There’s lots to be said about the language support and the framework implementation that enables it, and the CTP is not the final words that will be said. There’s a comprehensive set of samples you can find at the MSDN Code Gallery, and I strongly suggest that you download the CTP and run some of these samples today. ...
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